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    That's an invitation to both this web site and a zone for healthy living with diabetes we call the "Diabetes SweetSpot."

    When you live your life from the "Diabetes SweetSpot" life is not about coping with diabetes but actually flourishing with diabetes.

    Coping and flourishing are two different orientations, or mindsets. The coping mindset is one where you may see yourself as a victim of diabetes or "less than" in some way. Most days are experienced as a struggle.

    The flourishing mindset is one where you see you have unique strengths, resources and talents. You use these and past successes to: build your confidence, deepen your motivation and energize your desire to create and live your best life.

    You will notice two things when you live your life from your "Diabetes SweetSpot."

    1) Diabetes, and its tasks, is integrated into your daily life

    2) Your lifestyle supports your self-care

    People live in their SweetSpot, and flourish, when they have:

    • Ample medical knowledge and understanding how to use the knowledge
    • Personal reason(s) why it's important to manage diabetes
    • Strategies and mechanisms of their own design that support their health
    • Emotional strength and resilience to sustain management over time

    Our mission is to help you cultivate these attributes so that you can live a life of health, happiness and meaning. Perhaps a life of even greater health, happiness and meaning than you had before diabetes. Through research, interviews and original findings we know diabetes has been a catalyst to create such lives for many people. 

    To help you move toward, and live in, the “Diabetes SweetSpot” we have developed a unique coaching model. Its use helps individuals, wherever they are in their self-care, make lasting changes in daily life to successfully manage diabetes.  It encourages these 4 touchstones to come to fruition.

    Our model is not surprisingly called the Diabetes SweetSpot Model. It is designed to be used between health care professionals (HCPs) and patients (although some patients may find they can use it on their own). 

    The Diabetes SweetSpot Model 

    Our model employs 6 steps captured in an acronym S•SPOTT™. Each step consists of specific tools and techniques to be used in HCP and patient interactions to collaboratively design steps towards a patient's Sweetspot. We will share more about this model soon on this web site.

    We leave you with one last thought: You can have a great life not despite having diabetes but because of it, by using diabetes as a catalyst for greater health, happiness and a more meaningful life. We know, because many have told us so and prove it every day.

    Please return in the coming weeks when more information will be posted.